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Ziatek® Power Takeoff - Version 10

  • Reduce takeoff time by 80% . . . bid more work . . . and get more work!
  • Increase accuracy . . . quit losing money to errors and omissions and restore profits!
  • Graphic audit trail verifies your estimate.

Power Takeoff is the leading tool for construction cost estimators who need fast, accurate  quantities from paper drawings with a digitizing tablet.  By combining ease-of-use with unmatched power and sophistication, this system delivers capabilities that no other program offers!  Power Takeoff links quantities to any other Windows™ program with push-of-a-button simplicity, rendering it the most universal takeoff program in the world.

Standard Features

  • Digitize complex areas, lengths, counts and volumes from blueprints in seconds..
  • Use any scale – any of the popular metric and English units can be used.  Use this feature to convert metric drawings to English measurements!
  • Auto-scale unknown scales;  automatically convert feet-inches-fractions to decimal equivalent.
  • Up to 100 different scales can be used at one time within a single project!    A detail that is drawn at a different scale than the rest of the drawing is simply assigned its own scale on its own "layer".
  • Color-code any work breakdown structure of the takeoff. Select from the entire Window pallet of up to 16 million colors! Shading style, line style, and line weight can also be used for visual identification of different takeoff objects.
  • Print takeoff screens in color - turning "layers" on or off to customize the graphic information to be printed.
  • Send takeoff quantities DIRECTLY to Excel or other Windows programs without cumbersome Cut/Copy/Paste operations, and without losing formulas or macros.

  • Easy-to-use menu pad is active in Power Takeoff and in any estimating application! The menu pad offers features that allow the user to navigate in other programs with the digitizer pen, reducing the need to switch to mouse and keyboard for program operation.
  • Embedded calculator simplifies on-the-fly conversions. Load digitized quantities into the calculator with a single button click and transfer results into any Windows program.
  • Quantities are organized into a grid for viewing, printing, or copying to a dedicated spreadsheet program.
  • Generate 3D quantities and view 3D image from any angle.

  • Work Breakdown Structure is easily managed with "layers" and "group filters".
  • Graphic information can be exported to a DXF file for post processing in CAD programs.
  • Annotate image with text - drag-and-drop text labels and revise text with ease.
  • An Object Editor allows the user to inspect and modify the attributes of individual digitized objects. An example would be to move a room object from a layer defined for carpet to a layer defined for floor tile when a change in floor finish specifications is issued. A few mouse clicks eliminates the need to re-digitize the object!
  • Each of 100 layers can be assigned its own custom count symbol. Count symbols are conventional Windows *.bmp files. User can create an unlimited library of count symbols with the decDigital Bitmap Editor
  • Powerful dynamic link library (Ziatek.dll) provides extended macros for highly automated data transfer with other programs. Macros are provided in sample ExcelTM spreadsheets.

When a value is transferred from Power Takeoff, a macro in this spreadsheet retrieves the graphic image associated with that quantity.  That image can be displayed with a double-click on the quantity field, and hidden with a single-click.  This feature is activated by simply enabling a hotkey transfer in Power Takeoff!  The value of this graphic audit trail cannot be overstated!


Simply put, Power Takeoff is the most complete and capable takeoff system available! Its ease of use defies it incredible power. Its superior technology allows for multiple sources of input and its universal compatibility allows its output to be linked to any Windows program . . . even non-Windows applications that are launched in the Windows environment!

The value of a well-implemented graphic audit trail cannot be understated. It can make the difference between success and failure in a construction claim involving orders of magnitude more money than the cost of this system! The technology lets you add graphic, numeric and notational audit trail information to even a generic spreadsheet!


Power Takeoff
A great tool for construction cost estimators who need fast, accurate quantities from paper or electronic drawings or laser- acquired field measurements.

  • 100 layers
  • 2D & 3D takeoff and imaging
  • Includes Bitmap Editor
  • Included CADapult drawing program
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Power Advantage Plan
Annual support and maintenance plan.

  • Toll-free telephone support
  • Free software upgrades
  • Includes sample spreadsheets with macros.
  • Discounts on additional products


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