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Ziatek® RoofMaster

Advanced Digitizer Takeoff Software for Roofing Estimates

Two-dimensional view

Ziatek® RoofMaster is an incredible productivity tool for anyone who is faced with the task of estimating quantities for any type of roofs – residential, commercial/industrial, flat, pitched, etc.  Coupled with a digitizing tablet, critical quantities are accurately obtained as quickly as the estimator is able to touch the digitizing stylus to the endpoints of each roof edge.  A color-coded graphic image verifies the takeoff.  Numeric quantities are instantly generated and placed into any Windows™ program that is used for pricing the job.


  • Color-code each edge type
  • Keep separate lengths for each edge type
  • Compute pitched and plan areas
  • Work in any pitch
  • Use any scale
  • Roof areas can be digitized from plan view or elevation
  • Link quantities into any estimating program, e.g., Excel™, etc.
  • View in 3D from any angle to understand complex installations
  • Optionally display area of each facet and length of each edge type; use printout to assist with proper stocking in the field
  • Applicable to all types of roof materials, i.e., composition, built-up, clay tile, shake, etc.

Each project can be written to disk, printed in black-and-white or color, or exported to any CAD program. (Full 3D geometry is stored in DXF files that are exported to CAD programs.) Takeoff time can be reduced by a factor of 10! The graphic image is part of the audit trail required to ensure complete takeoffs. Computer-generated quantities are accurate and eliminate costly mis-calculations!

On-screen 3D view

A single mouse click switches from plan view to a 3D perspective view. In 3D view, the image can be instantly rotated to any viewing angle Quantities can be transferred into a spreadsheet or other estimating application one-at-a time, or as a block of data that comprises 12 separate quantities. The program is intuitive to use, often requiring less than 30 minutes of training to be used efficiently!



           Ziatek® RoofMaster            $1,495.


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