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Ziatek® ScreenDigitizer!

An affordable solution is now available for digitizing electronic drawings.  Ziatek® ScreenDigitizer! is an on-screen digitizing solutions that works with whatever program the end user has for viewing his drawings.  This program does not open or manipulate drawing files.  Rather, it simply allows one to digitize in any drawing viewer at any scale and in any user-selected metric or imperial drawing units.

Operation of the program is simple! 

To select a drawing color, the user simply clicks on the color panel which brings up the full Windows™ color pallet for color selection.

The Set Scale button is clicked prior to measuring the scale of the drawing.  After that, two points are digitized in the drawing at end points of a dimensioned length.  That length is then written into the middle box under the Set Scale button.  Finally, the user can select the desired units of measure from the drop-down list.

Available units of measure include:

  • px (Pixels)
  • in
  • ft
  • yd
  • mi
  • mm
  • cm
  • m
  • km

Three digitizing modes are available:  Area/Perimeter, Length and Count.  After selecting the desired mode, the user then digitizes the features of the drawing with his mouse, and clicks on + or  - to make the digitizer object either positive or negative.  When that is done, the digitized quantity is displayed in its own text box.

In real time, the digitized image is drawn in the user-selected color as the object is digitized.  Area and Length objects are drawn in heavy lines while Count objects are drawn as square blocks.  These images are only drawn on the screen and do not modify the user’s drawing in any way!

Three Copy to Clipboard buttons, one beside each quantity, are available for transferring the quantities to any other Windows application.



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