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Ziatek provides premium software for contruction estimates for building and room dimensions.

Ziatek® Paper²CAD!
Provides a solution for generating DXF files from 2D art for CNC fabricators.
Smart Take off - UltraScale Master Pro Smart Takeoff!
Written exclusively for the Ultra Scale Master® Pro digitizer, brings incredible speed and power to performing blueprint takeoffs for construction cost estimating. 
PlanSwift PlanSwift
Powerful takeoff tool for electronic drawings at an affordable price!
RoofDraw Ziatek® RoofDraw
Easy-to-use drawing and takeoff program for roofing takeoffs that does not require a digitizer. But Ziatek® RoofDraw interfaces to the very affordable Ultra Scale Master(R) Pro!
RoofMaster Ziatek® RoofMaster
An excellent digitizer interface for generating roofing material takeoffs.
RoofMaster Ziatek® Power Takeoff
A great tool for construction cost estimators who need fast, accurate quantities from paper or electronic drawings or laser- acquired field measurements.
RoofMaster Ziatek® Crystal
Perfect for digitizing complex areas and lengths from blueprints in seconds with incredible accuracy, speed and ease!
Screen Digitizer

Screen Digitizer
An affordable solution is now available for digitizing electronic drawings.



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Download Ziatek software for evaluation. A link to the download area will be sent to you by email after your request has been reviewed.
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