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Ziatek® Paper²CAD!

Ziatek® Paper²CAD! provides a solution for generating DXF files
from 2D art for CNC fabricators.

Ziatek® Paper˛CAD! is a computer program that solves two of the biggest problems that challenge those who need to convert paper drawings or 2D parts to electronic drawings. The two challenges are:

Conversion of paper drawings to electronic drawings without expensive scanners or less-than-perfect raster-to-vector conversion software, and Acquiring fast and accurate geometry of parts that are to be machined by CNC equipment.

Ultra Scale Master® Pro digitizer,

Digitized objects can comprise line segments, arcs, circles or discrete points. Eight different colors are available for any color-coding scheme required.

Ziatek® Paper˛CAD is used for drawing and/or fabrication of many 2D planar objects including, but not limited to:

Sink cutouts for granite or Solid-Surface kitchen counter tops.
Stone or tile inlay work.
Signage that is fabricated from a variety of materials
Aluminum aircraft instrument panels
Wooden cabinet components fit to boat hulls that are scribed with a digitizer

Convert paper drawings to electronic drawings
Automatically generate DXF files for CNC machining of 2D parts

Operation of the program is easy and intuitive, requiring little training before an end user is proficient with it. The graphic image verifies correct and complete digitizing. The output DXF file can be imported into virtually any CAD program if post-digitizing editing is required, or can be imported directly into a CNC machine for generation of G-Code. The speed with which a CNC-ready file can be created is nothing short of breath-taking, reducing the art-to-part cycle to a mere fraction of what it would be without Ziatek® Paper²CAD!

Recommended Hardware:
3 GHz Pentium Processor
1 GB Hard Drive
XVGA display adaptor and color monitor
Mouse & Keyboard
RS-232 serial port
Windows-95 or higher operating system
GTCO-compatible digitizer

Digitizer Compatibility:
Touchstone Stealth
Science Accessories Corp.

You may download a copy of the software for evaluation. A link to the download area will be sent to you by e-mail.


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