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Software for interfacing to Leica DISTOTM handheld laser distance meters

Ziatek® MeasurePro® software and a Leica handheld laser distance meter combine to create a powerful system that rapidly and accurately computes quantities and creates graphic images of buildings or rooms. This system is a must have for estimators of all disciplines, architects, appraisers, and countless other professionals who deal with field measurements of structures.

Sample Ziatek® MeasurePro® screen
  • Distance database can be uploaded automatically from the Leica DISTOTM pro or DISTOTM memo for rapid, accurate, and error free data collection.
  • Discrete measurements can be collected in real time.
  • Distances can be manually input, which permits efficient use of the lower cost Leica DISTOTM classic.
  • Direction can be easily assigned by an intuitive array of direction buttons, or by a simple code input with the Leica DISTOTM pro.
  • Height (thickness or depth) can be input for generation of a full set of dimensions including: Horizontal (floor/ceiling) area, vertical surface (wall) area, perimeter, and volume.
  • Graphic image verifies the data.  Errors can be corrected on-the-spot.
  • 3D view can be rotated to any viewing angle.
  • Graphic information can be transferred to CAD or other programs via DXF export.
  • Numeric quantities are instantly written to any other Windows program such as a spreadsheet or estimating program.
  • Graphic images can be printed.
  • Special application generates carpet seam diagram for flooring contractors. Additional special applications for other trades will soon be available!

Ziatek® 3D Viewer

The exclusive Ziatek® 3D Viewer permits the user to rotate the image about two perpendicular axes for viewing from any angle.

True, vanishing-point perspective view presents the user with a stunning wire-frame visual, initiated with but a few simple mouse clicks!  Complex structures are easily visualized with this powerful feature.

Flooring contractors and designers especially like the Carpet Seam Diagram feature that is illustrated below.  A color-coded graphic, with associated quantities, assists in planning and costing carpet installation.  Waste is properly accounted for using user-specified parameters.  Different orientations are quickly selected for analysis by merely clicking on a next- or previous-edge. button.

Installation can be planned based on least waste or least objectionable seam diagram.

Seam Diagram

Get information about Leica DISTOTM handheld laser distance meters.

DISTOTM is a registered trademark of Leica Geosystems.


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