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Get the Ziatek® MeasurePro® demo software for Windows

Ziatek offers a complimentary demo program of the MeasurePro® software for you to download and review. The demo program contains all of the features of the real program except for the ability to connect to a DISTO. A sample project file is included which will generate 2D and 3D graphic images from the data. Also, a file named README.TXT explains how to use the various features of the program.

To download your free copy, simply complete the registration form below and press the "Submit" button. Thanks for your interest. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call or send us an e-mail message!

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Our Software

  • Power Takeoff
    Digitizing Software for Your Business.
  • ScaleMaster II Pocket Digitizer
    Area digitizing software for the Scale Master® II digitial planwheel.
  • MeasurePro
    Drawing/estimating software for the Leica DISTOTM handheld laser distance meter for field measurements.
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