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ScaleMaster II Pocket Digitizer

Ziatek® 3-2-1. . . Takeoff!: Area digitizing software for the Scale Master® II digital planwheel.

This ingenious system rapidly and accurately determines area, perimeter and volume from drawings of any scale and in any common units of measure. The information can be instantly transferred into your Windows™ estimating program!

Sampe 3-2-1. . . Takeoff! 2D display

3D Image

Complex polygons, triangles, rectangles, circles and arcs are easily digitized with a ScaleMaster® II digital planwheel.

Vertical dimensions, e.g., wall height, slab thickness, or excavation depth can be assigned to each object. Three-D quantities such as wall area and volume are instantly computed and a 3D wireframe model is displayed on the screen. The 3D figure can be spun about two perpendicular axes for viewing from any angle.

  • This system combines the accuracy and speed of the ScaleMaster® II with the sophistication and ease-of-use that is common to all Ziatek® digitizing software.
  • No typing - quantities are easily transferred to Excel™ or any other Windows™ program!
  • Memory keys simplify accumulation of totals.
  • Graphics can be saved in DXF file for export to CAD.
  • User-selectable color and fill style allows customization of graphics images.
  • Image can be pasted into estimate for a graphic audit trail or takeoff!

Bonus Program

True pocket portability is available with the special Palm program that, like 3-2-1 . . .Takeoff!, offers 2D and 3D views and fast, accurate quantity determination.

For a limited time, the Palm software will be provided at no additional charge with Ziatek® 3-2-1 . . . Takeoff! software! Purchase now to take advantage of this special offer!

2-D View on the Palm handheld computer

3D view can be rotated to any angle

Scalemaster II


Ziatek® 3-2-1 . . .Takeoff software: $295.00
Includes interface cable and manual

ScaleMaster® II digital planwheel: $99.95

This innovative system can save hours of takeoff time per estimate.

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