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Roll Up II Series

GTCO's exclusive Redundant Grid Technology (patent pending) substantially improves the durability and ruggedness of the Roll-up II  it is the choice for true portable use. The Roll-up II is available with a variety of pointing devices, including pen shaped Stylus -ideal for quantity takeoffs, and highly accurate 4 and 16 button MaxVu cursors which feature a wide viewing area for precise digitizing.


Active Area Footprint Weight Shipping Weight
Model 2024 20" x 24" 28" x 29" 4 lbs. 13 lb
Model 3036 30" x 36" 35" x 44" 6 lbs. 17 lbs.
Model 3648 36" x 48"  41" x 56" 7.25 lbs. 21 lbs


Light weight and only 1/8" (3.2 mm) thick.  The Roll-up II is easily rolled for storage or transport to a task site.

Easy to Use

It's simply plug and play installation enables immediate connection to a PC for a wide variety of applications. Software configuration is accomplished with GTCO's exclusive SuperSet Menu in just one simple step, allowing the user to quickly switch between applications.

Flexible Dual Orientation

The Roll Up II can be configured with the controller housing oriented on the right or the left edge of the tablet.


GTCO type 5/5A, Summagraphics Microgrid, plus Calcomp 9500 formats ensure compatibility with virtually all software packages on most hardware platforms.


Built with advanced materials including tough Lexan work surface, the Roll-up II will lay flat, maintain a smooth work surface and continue to perform to factory specifications after being rolled and unrolled thousands of times. It's backed by a five year U.S. warranty and the same service and quality that have made GTCO a leading worldwide supplier of digitizers for over 20 years.


Combines innovative sensing technology with precision transducers to provide 1/2540" (1/100 mm) resolution.

Standard Equipment

  • Digitizer with Controller
  • Stylus with Tip & Side Switch
  • Serial Interface Cable
  • GTCO Superset Menu
  • 9 to 25 pin adapter
  • Power Supply
  • AUTOCAD ADI Drivers
  • Windows 3.x and WinTab Drivers
  • Microsoft Mouse Driver
  • Accessory Pouch
  • Shipping/Storage Tube with Insert
  • User's Manual

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